World’s longest beer garden

A mile long beer fest, wouldn’t that be phenomenal? It exists! Although not a local Rotterdam beer event, this experience was so special, I had to include it in my blog. The International Berlin Beer Festival, also called ‘the beer mile’, is an amazing 2,2 kilometer beer festival right in the heart of the city, near Alexanderplatz. Representing 334 breweries from 87 countries, it includes beers from far away or unexpected places like Iceland, Laos, Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, and New Zealand. According to the Guinness Book of Records it is the longest beer garden in the world.

The Beer Mile

Organized annually since 1997, the beer mile celebrates the unofficial national drink of Germany with a three day folk festival. The festival ground is divided into areas according to the geographical origins of the beers. With great weather and live music on no less than 19 stages scattered throughout the festival, this event is definitely one of the beer highlights of my year. Just to get an idea of the scale of the event, check out the map here.

With an expected turnout of 800,000 visitors, I was surprised that it was still relatively easy to maneuver around. Because the festival is not closed off, you can bypass large parts by going around the back way (the street, blocked for traffic). Also plenty of food choices and bathroom facilities are present. The street is lined with restaurants, so other more elaborate food options are available. I found it to be very professionally organized, setting the bar very high for the rest. And admission is free!

Berlin is an amazing city for sightseeing, eating, partying, shopping, drinking beer, or anything really. I find it to be quite laid-back in the sense that anything goes. There are innumerable food places (and they almost always have a vegan option) and beer is an integral part of daily life. You can even buy it in the metro if you’re thirsty and drink it right then and there. One of my favorite craft beer bars is Kaschk, located near Alexanderplatz, but there are many more.

A new discovery on this trip was the amazing rooftop bar Klunkerkranich. Not exactly a secret anymore (we had a little queue to get in, but well worth the wait), the view is spectacular. The music, cocktails and food are great, too. Nowadays it is easy to look up the best places to go on internet. However, nothing beats discovering the city on foot and finding those hidden gems not in your guidebook! See you at the festival next year?

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