About Me

010 Beer Blog
Mikkeller at Morebeer - Amsterdam

Hi beer fans!

I’m a craft beer enthusiast from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This blog is about my beer adventures and is for everyone who loves craft beer or wants to know more about the Rotterdam beer experience and beyond!

I have been sharing my beer stories on this website since 2017. In 2019 I received my beer sommelier certification (Doemens/Stibon) and was invited to join the Dutch Beer Challenge judges panel in 2021. I spend almost all my free time researching beer (and of course tasting them) and visiting breweries, festivals and beer events. It’s my favorite topic to talk about, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to connect and exchange experiences or just for some random beer banter.

If you are not from The Netherlands and are wondering what ‘010’ means? This is our telephone area code, but is used by locals to refer to the city. So if you want to be a real Rotterdammer, call it “nul tien”!

If you like my blog or want to stay updated on what goes on in the wonderful world of craft beer (and learn about beer with me), please like my Facebook page and Instagram feed.