Top 10 craft beer bars in Rotterdam

An updated version of this article was published in 2021.

Rotterdam has become a trendy city for a number of reasons, not least of all because of the fun and diverse range of craft beer bars that are popping up all over town. I can always appreciate a great craft beer, so the bars that I like best are the ones that really know their stuff and provide an interesting beer selection and unique beer experience.

Quite a few great bars didn’t make my favorites list. Some of them don’t serve local (Rotterdam brewed) beer, which I think is odd and lacks pride for our wonderful city. Other bars don’t have a creative beer selection in my opinion or are overpriced. But the most important reason of all, there are just too many really good bars. So if you are missing your favorite, don’t hesitate to add it in the comments section below!

Here is my personal top 10 of really awesome beer bars in Rotterdam. 

Kaapse Brouwers


(Address: Veerlaan 19D; website)

2. Proeflokaal Faas

(Address: Zwaanhals 248B; website)

Proeflokaal Faas
Proeflokaal De Riddert

3. Proeflokaal De Riddert

4. Bokaal

Café Bokaal
Brouwerij Noordt taproom
Brouwerij Noordt - Taproom

5. Brouwerij Noordt

6. Eurotrash United

Eurotrash United
Café Verward

7. Verward

8. Stadsbrouwerij De Pelgrim

Brouwerij De Pelgrim
Proeflokaal Reijngoud

9. Proeflokaal Reijngoud

10. Belgisch Biercafé Boudewijn

Café Boudewijn Rotterdam
Café Boudewijn

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