The beer crisis: how to support your Rotterdam locals

The virus has hit us all and it has hit hard. As dramatic events are unfolding, more severe measures are being taken around the world. There are some that are lucky and can work from home (and get paid). A lot of businesses, like our local breweries, bars and taprooms, have had to close up shop due to government restrictions on public gatherings. They may get by for a few weeks, but the far-reaching measures will have serious ramifications. Situations like these bring out the best (and worst) in people. We have found more new ways to be together online and support each other than ever before. And showing love on Instagram and Facebook is lovely and heartwarming. But local businesses can’t live on likes, so they are inventing creative ways to sell their beers. On this page I’ve made it easy for you to find who is selling and delivering, so you can help #supportlocal. Order beers for at home to drink online with your friends or buy vouchers from your local bar to celebrate when this is over and we are ‘free’ to go out again. Show them you care! (From a safe 1,5 meter distance of course.)

This page will be updated in the following period to include new initiatives.

Noordt Home Delivery

Brouwerij Noordt

Home deliveries: Order your Noordt sixpack or box of 24 via Whatsapp 06-39454316 before 15:00 and it will be delivered the same day before 18:00 (Rotterdam only). Check out which beers are available here. Deliveries outside of Rotterdam can be ordered via the webshop.

Pick-up / shop: You can pick up beers at the brewery shop Monday – Friday from 9:00 – 17:00⁠.

Website / Facebook

Kaapse Brouwers

Home deliveries: Order Kaapse beers via Whatsapp 06–18417773 or Deliveries in Rotterdam only. Orders are per box. Check out which beers are available here.

Pick-up / shop: If you want to buy individual beers, every Friday you can purchase your beers per bottle at the new brewery⁠ from 10:00 – 16:00 at Keilestraat 9, Rotterdam⁠.

Website / Facebook

4 Islands 

Home deliveries: Order online any day until Friday at 12:00 to receive your beers on Friday afternoon. Delivery in Rotterdam only. It’s free when you order 2 x 4-packs or more. Check out which beers are available here.

Pick-up / shop: Not available⁠.

Website / Facebook


Home deliveries: Order your Maasgoud Blond, Tripel or IPA via Whatsapp 06-2415948. Maasgoud merchandise is now also available. Check it out on Facebook and order at

Pick-up / shop: Not available⁠.

Website / Facebook

Rotterdam Beer Box

Home deliveries: The Rotterdam Beer Box is an initiative by 7 breweries, who have created a box of 7 beers for 7 weeks, starting April 3. The beer selection changes every week. Buy them at your local beer shop so you support both the brewers and the beer stores! (Retailers are listed below.) The beer box costs 20,20 Euros. If you really can’t make it to the store, you can get them online here (delivery costs will be added).

Participating breweries: 4 Islands Brewing | Kaapse Brouwers | Brouwerij Noordt | Stadsbrouwerij De Pelgrim Rotterdam | ROTT. Brouwers | Brouwerij Tureluur | VET & LAZY

Pick-up / shop: Buy the box at Hop-In Beerstore | Bier&zO | Mitra van Lente (Kleiweg) | Slijterij en Wijnhandel Marko Poot | Brother Beer | De Admiraliteit Dranken | Kaapse Brouwers (Keilestraat 9) | Wijnkelder Barendrecht | Wijnhuis Roon | Vermeyden delicatessen⁠. New retailers are being added every day, so check the Facebook page for the most recent info.

Website / Facebook

Vet & Lazy

Home deliveries: Order your favorite Vet & Lazy beers online here. Delivery charges may apply.

Pick-up / shop: Get your beers at the Drijf Bij! Order your beers here, choose a time slot and pick them up on Friday afternoon between 3.30 and 7.30 pm.

Website / Facebook


Home deliveries: Order your favorite ROTT beers here. Free delivery if you order 24 bottles or more.

Pick-up / shop: Not available.

Website / Facebook

Brouwerij Tureluur

Home deliveries: Tureluur beers are also available online. Order them here. Delivery is free for orders of 12 bottles or more (see website for special offers on beer boxes).

Pick-up / shop: Not available.

Website / Facebook

Hop-In beer store

Home deliveries: Free delivery in Rotterdam for orders more than 15 EUR. You can place your order via the webshop, email or Instagram. Orders via the webshop can also be delivered outside of Rotterdam.

Pick-up / shop: Currently the Hop-In beer store is open only for order pick-up. You can place your order via the webshop, email or Instagram.

Website / Facebook

Bier & zO

Home deliveries: Orders via the webshop can be delivered both in and outside Rotterdam.

Pick-up / shop: Normal opening hours apply, though additional measures have been taken in the store, such as requesting customers to keep 1,5m distance inside. 

Website / Facebook

De Burgemeester

Home deliveries: De Burgemeester pub is offering #stayathome tastings for two. The tasting pack includes 6 individual beers, snacks and a link an accompanying tasting video (29,50 Euro). Free deliveries on Friday in postcode areas 3021, 3022, 3023 in Rotterdam. If you live outside this area you can pick up your tasting box (see below). Order via or send a DM via Facebook.

Pick-up / shop: You can pick up your tasting box on Friday between from 12:00-12:30 or 17:00-17:30. 

Website / Facebook


Home deliveries: Supportyourlocals010 is an initiative to help Rotterdam local businesses sell their products now that they cannot sell them through their usual channels, like restaurants. Every week you can buy a box of different local food and drinks, including products from for example Kaapse Brouwers, Jordy’s Bakery, Floating Farm, Giraffe Coffee and more. Check the website for this week’s offer.

Delivery in Rotterdam area only. See the Facebook page for the most recent map of the delivery area.

Pick-up / shop: Not available. 

Website / Facebook


There are of course other ways to support your locals. I love this idea: You can buy vouchers for your favorite local restaurant or bar to spend when this is all over! Check out all participating venues here:

DON’T FORGET to show some love by buying from your local store instead of from online retailers and by promoting your locals on social media

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