Brooklyn Brewery – Kiwi’s Playhouse

Name: Kiwi’s Playhouse
Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery
Bottling date: –
Drinking date: 08/10/2017 
ABV: 8,1%
IBU: –
Beer style: Sour Ale
Package: Bottle 750 ml
Bottle nr: limited edition (didn’t check if there was a bottle number!)
Purchased at: Bier&zO (Rotterdam)

Tasting notes 

  • Aroma: kiwi through and through, it punches you on the nose!
  • Visual: dark gold / light orange color, head recedes relatively quickly
  • Flavor: fruity kiwi, tart (especially in the aftertaste, due to those enzymes that kiwis are known for, that can be quite bitter). The wine tannin flavor I couldn’t distinguish as such, but the flavor is definitely a bit rounder and bolder than a regular sour.
  • Mouthfeel: medium body, medium carbonation

Brooklyn’s description of this beer: “We took a frisky young sour ale and aged it on fresh kiwis in red wine barrels for months. Then we added a jolt of another oak-aged ale for a little extra complexity. After conditioning in the bottle, Kiwi’s Playhouse welcomes you into a world of juicy, joyous kiwi, gently tannic oak, and a tart edge snappier than any punch line. This is a very limited release, as peeling and pureeing 24 pounds of kiwi per barrel takes a very long time.”

I love sour ales and really liked the kiwi fruitiness of this one, making it a zesty beer with a twist! The aging in red wine barrels gives it some extra flavor, so it is a bit bolder than some sours. This one goes down very smoothly. The aftertaste is quite strong, probably due to the amount of kiwis used. Would definitely recommend to save this one for a special occasion!

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