Brewdog – Limited Edition Abstrakt AB:20

Name: Abstrakt AB:20
Brewery: BrewDog
Bottling date: 14/03/2016
Drinking date: 23/10/2017 
ABV: 14,2%
IBU: 20
Beer style: Barley wine
Package: Bottle 375 ml
Bottle nr: 9504 of 45800
Purchased at: Bier&zO (Rotterdam)

Tasting notes 
• Aroma: vanilla, woody, alcohol, burnt, sweet like dessert, chocolate

• Visual: dark brown, no head
• Flavor: vanilla notes, raisin, chocolaty sweetness, hint of coffee
• Mouthfeel: a thick body, low in carbonation

BrewDog’s interpretation of the classic Italian tiramisu dessert. A blend of an epic English barley wine brewed with coffee, oats and milk, and a twisted complex rum cask-aged imperial stout. 

Interesting rubber cork, I almost didn’t get it out of the bottle….
I thought the beer actually really did taste like tiramisu! A bit boozy (which went straight to my head by the way!) and more flavor as it warms up. Think cold wintery night in front of the fireplace in your chalet. This is that kind of beer. Unfortunately out of production. They are on number 23 now!

Would I drink it again? Absolutely! If you provide chalet and fireplace.


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